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Bless Our Sailors

109 EUR

This platter decorated with a ship and two banderolls; bless our sailors & joy forever and young glory, is as beautiful on the wall  as on the table of a lovely dinner with friends. It's size of 40 cm in width makes it suitable to be used as a centerpiece of the dinner table. 

(900 SKR)

Eva Gernandt

By hand made production Eva Gernandt has been offering limited and exclusive collections of tableware for 25 years. Her work is noted for it's thin shapes and painted patterns crafted in stone goods. The inspirations has been and will remain to be the ocean, its' colors and shapes.

Eva Gernandt grew up in an environment by the ocean. In her youth she sailed, working on the wharfs, building boats and going out with the ships to work with the fishermen. 

The stories told by the old sailors of a time characterized by sea trade and great galleons is the spark in by Muttis collection TRO HOPP KÄRLEK. The motives of the Old School tradition often keeps a deep symbolic value.

This feldspar porcelain is of a very high durable quality. Produced in a small family owned factory in Kanton, China according to the thousand year old tradition of blue and white china. Since it is a in many steps a handmade production, you will sometimes find a fleeting blue pattern, small pecks of sand, minor irregularities and traces of the hand. We consider this a quality of personal touch.

The feldspar porcelain is certified foodproof, which is an indicator that all materials are poison free as well as the production. 

The old school tattoos combined with the classic Blue and White china ware is a fusion of the history of the trading sailing ships.

The design with its loving messages is a perfect gift for memorable moments life.